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About Driftwood Pens

Driftwood pens are made from timber washed ashore along the beautiful coastline of South Shields. Each pen is individually turned making each pen unique. The timber is selected for grain and texture and is collected from the high water mark.

The timber selected is treated with boiled Linseed Oil then polished lightly with a friction polish so as to maintain the natural wood finish without over polishing.

Foundwood Pens

Like the Driftwood Pens they are treated the same way the only difference is where the timber is sourced. These are just pieces of timber that have attacted my eye whilst out walking, even whilst on holiday recently I picked up some dried sticks in Iceland.

All woods are left with there original colouring and no stain is used. Only the Linseed and polish which enhances the natural grain.

Once Fired Pens

These are made from 308 shell cases that I have fired on the local rifle range. One of my other passions is Target Shooting thanks to the Mayfair Shooting Centre in Sunderland. The brass is cleaned then polished and married to a quality turned top.

The pen may be mightier than the Sword but I pefer a .308 at 500yds.