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About me & my Guitars

I have been playing guitar since I was eight. I was taught by an excellent teacher whose knowledge of the guitar was immense. My parents bought me a "Spanish Guitar" from the adverts in the Daily Express in 1957. The strings were like railway lines (no such variations of guage like today). I struggled with this for some while and eventually Joe,(guitar teacher), allowed me to use his Hofner Senator, oh what a joy that was and my playing improved immediately.

Guitars I Own

In 1962 I was working as a paperboy saving my money for an electric guitar. I managed to purchase an Antoria II for 47:00 from my local music shop. This was purchased on the 'Never Never' for 18 shillings a week (all of my paper money) and thats when I started my first band.

My 70's Tele has some great brittle sounds compared to my Gibsons smoothe rich gainful tones. My 50's Hofner was rescued from a dustbin in 1972 with a broken neck and damaged top table. I managed to reconstruct it and it plays really well and sounds quite Jazzy.

My Ovation was swapped some time ago for an old Encore bass. It is a useful practice guitar but I am not really impressed with the tone, but the action is great.

The Lap Steel was bought for me by my wife Irene last Christmas - I absolutely love the slide techniques and subtle blues tones

Ukuleles I Own

A couple of years ago my wife bought me a Ukuklele for Christmas.This came a course and tutorial group at The Sage Gateshead.The first Ukulele was a Mahlo Soprano and since then I have purchased a couple more and really enjoy performing every week

My Guitars

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