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Theses pens have been crafted from woods indigenous to Mozambique. These are supplied from sustainable sources and will help the local communities to replant and cultivate the beautiful woods.


Very difficult to work with hand or machine tools, with an extreme blunting effect on cutters. African Blackwood is most often used in turned objects, where it is considered to be among the very finest of all turning woods.: To be considered the original ebony, African Blackwood was imported and used in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Even the name “ebony” has an Egyptian derivation as “hbny".

Black Chakate

Attractive, fine-grained heartwood from southern Africa. With its dark brown to almost black colour and light brown streaks, this is one of the most appealing exotic woods. It is easy to glue, varnish and polish, and is highly resistant to moisture, fungi and insect attacks. It is mainly used for floors and furniture as well as woodturning and sculpting.


Generally difficult to work on account of its density; sharp cutters must be used to avoid tearout. Can also give problems in gluing and finishing. Turns superbly


Tambootie is prized in Africa as a decorative hardwood, used for luxury furniture and other high end applications. It’s frequently used as a substitute for Sandalwood (which is a vague term that may encompass any number of aromatic wood species in Africa and Asia).